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Before you read the abundance meditation down below, I wanted to provide you with a chance to think about what abundance means to you.  When you think of abundance, what do you think of?  Is it money?  Abundance is more than having monetary wealth.  Abundance is a feeling that your heart is full–of love, of peace, of fun, of happiness.

Abundance is a feeling of fulfillment on these five levels:

  1. spiritual
  2. physical
  3. mental
  4. emotional
  5. financial

You can define abundance by your own terms.  For some people, having $100,000 in the bank feels abundant.  For others, it is being healthy and happy.  What is your definition of abundance?  You may already be living an abundant life with the things that truly matter–relationships and connection, free time, contribution, adventure…There are so many ways to define abundance; you’ll notice it’s defined according to your values.  By the way, there’s nothing wrong with wanting lots of money–it helps you to live your best life.

I’ve been trying to practice meditation on a daily basis now.  I bought a meditation program from Deepak Chopra and Oprah which has enhanced my life (by the way, did you notice their names rhyme? I saw these two in person a few years ago.  They’re authentic, they’re doing what they love, and they’re making a difference.  AND, they make a ton of money.  That’s just a bonus for living an abundant life).  I think meditation can be addictive because of its effects on your brain–your stress level decreases, your focus increases; you’re more centered and grounded.  If you can find the time to do it, I recommend this self-care practice.

Meditation is a balm for your body, mind, and spirit.

A meditation for abundance will help refocus, de-stress, and relax you especially if you worry about your finances or you live a hectic lifestyle.


abundant livingYou will want to make sure you have no distractions for about 10 minutes.  And please do not drive while doing this meditation (that goes without saying, but you never know!).  You may want to record this, or read it through a few times to familiarize yourself with the meditation.  That way you can close your eyes when you do this.

Find a comfortable place to sit down where you won’t be disturbed for at least 10 minutes.  I like to have my feet touching the floor.  Place your hands in your lap, palm sides up.  Close your eyes.  Breathe in deeply, expanding your abdomen; breathe out deeply bringing your abdomen in toward your spine.  Do this 3 times.  Relax.  With every breath out, you are expelling all the negativity you’ve accumulated.   All the stress is leaving your body.  Breathe in, breathing in positivity, light, and love.

Imagine yourself on an old, worn, dirt path.  On one side of you is a forest with tall trees.  Underneath the trees you notice ferns, moss, and more greenery.  You hear birds singing and see a few rabbits on the edge of the forest, playing with one another.  On the other side of the dirt path is a beautiful meadow.  It is filled with your favorite wild flowers.  Imagine you can smell the scent of these flowers as you feel the light breeze on your face.  The sun is overhead and the sky is a clear blue.

As you walk down this path, you glance down on the side and see a basket.  This is your basket–it has your name on it.  You pick it up to carry it.  You notice how big it is–you have to carry it with two arms.  As you begin to walk down the path again, you notice gold sparkles begin to fall from the sun overhead.  These gold sparkles fall into your basket.  The gold turns from sparkles to coins and you smile as you realize this abundance is for you.  You watch your basket become full.  It is overflowing with gold.  Your world is abundant.  You smile because you know this.  You say “Thank you” for this abundance and know there is more where it came from.  Anytime you want to come back to this place to fill up in abundance, you know it is waiting there for you.

As you end the meditation, take three deep breaths again.  Smile, and really feel what it’s like to be abundant.  Bring that emotion with you as you end the meditation.