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I begin my each of my coaching appointments with the client and I getting centered and grounded.  I think it’s a great way to start off a session for both of us.  I do this by having the client close their eyes (assuming they are not talking with me in their car while driving–Yikes!) and having them take 3 deep, soulful breaths.  Sometimes I ask them to, while they are sitting in their chair, envision a thick cord going from their hips all the way deep into the earth.  Imagine all of your negative energy going down the cord, into the earth, and being cleansed by the earth’s energy.  Imagine the energy reemerging through the cord back into your body cleansed and positive.  You feel cleansed, grounded, and more centered.

There are times in our lives when we feel adrenalized, we feel triggered, or stressed.  We find ourselves reacting instead of acting consciously.   The exercise above is a great way to recenter and ground yourself so you can come more from a place of peace and love.

Another great way to become centered is to get out of yourself and get yourself focused on something else.  I like to have clients tell me when they experience flow.  Flow is when you’re so absorbed in something that you tend to forget about your surroundings or even the time.  Sometimes when you feel triggered by something, it can be hard to think of anything else.  You’re not present to anything or anyone except the issue going round and round your head.   While I can tell you, you have a choice on what  you think about and focus on, many people have a hard time implementing this concept.  Here’s where I come in with:  Go out in nature.  Take a walk, go to a nursery/garden center, look at the stars, plant your bare feet on the ground and try the grounding exercise above, etc.

Connect to beauty.  Connect to inspiration.  Reconnect with yourself.

We aren’t meant to be stressed, triggered, etc.  We are meant to learn from our experiences, not judge them, ruminate over them, or suffer because of them.  One of my favorite quotes is:  “Suffering is not seeing things the way they are” (I think Stephen Cope said that).   When we come from a centered and grounded place, life just flows so much more easily.  We’re not blocking our energy, we’re not blocking ourselves from living our best life.  But, what do you think?  Do you know when you’re not centered?  Do you have certain exercises that help bring you back to your self; your natural state of being?