A Quick Meditation to Quiet Your Ego Mind

This is a little different from the posts I usually do. We’re going to start off with a little meditation.

Like many people, I start my day quieting my mind with a meditation. Meditation is a wonderful way to rebalance and center yourself, inviting the peace and space of the moment to wash over you (while resisting the urge to go back to sleep 😊).

So, on that note, I want you to…

Sit comfortably in your chair and…

Tell your ego to step aside and quiet down.

And let’s breathe…

Take a moment to breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 2, and then let your breath out for 5 seconds.

Breathe in again for 5 seconds, imagining pure white light and positivity coming in with your breath. Let the white light fill your body. Hold for 2 seconds. Breathe out for 5 seconds, letting the negativity you’ve been holding onto go out through your breath.

Breathe in again, and imagine letting white light enter your body and it spills over and  fills your aura with a beautiful sparkling light. Hold. And, breathe out and let go.

Breathe in one more time and as you do, say “Thank you” to God/Source/Universe—and really feel the gratitude well up from your heart. Hold for 2 seconds, and breathe out for 5.

Good job!

I did this breathing exercise as a way to help you to slow down and take in the meaning and intention of this post.

See, we often lead from our head and not our heart. That’s when we’re in ego mode. Ego likes to tell us what to do based on its own experience, and not necessarily based on our soul’s wishes.

Ego likes to be the Captain and Commander.

Ego’s helped you out a lot throughout your life. That’s why I don’t think of ego as “bad.” I don’t even like to judge it as anything except for helping us along our earthly journey, so to speak.

However, sometimes ego can get in our way. It likes to run the show. “Don’t do that- you’ll get hurt!” “Success at all costs- that’s what’s important!” “Lose 25 pounds, you look horrible!” “She’s better than you are.” “You’re a terrible parent.”

And boy, ego loves to judge others, too, not just yourself. Look at the comments made underneath an article or video and you’re bound to see some meanness. Internet trolls aren’t heart-inspired. They’re ego-based (and hurting).

Ego likes to be in charge because it’s used to being the boss. It likes control. That’s it’s job.

Ego is your default and if you aren’t conscious of it, like most people, it will run its program in the background according to what ego wants.

Step aside, I imagine our ego saying, I got this.

And that’s how you learn to shut off that beautiful loving voice of our soul for that of the ego.

Ego says: “I know what to do! I got this!” And in goes the ego to take charge.

Ego may undermine your confidence and make you question whether you really know what you’re doing. “You look like a fool!” “Who do you think you are?” And you stay little and dim your light a little bit more.

All too often, we listen to our ego’s voice instead of listening to that still, quiet voice within us that lets us know our purpose, our path, our way to love.

When was the last time you stopped to smell a flower? To sing with your heart’s abandon even when people were looking or listening? When was the last time you felt joy just for living? Or love, pure love? Or laughed that pure belly laugh of the sweet innocence of fun? When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and ignored the fearful thoughts?

We get caught up in the daily routine of life and can forget what’s truly important:

  • connection
  • love
  • joy
  • peace
  • forgiveness
  • laughter
  • beauty…

Maybe it’s time that we start saying “step aside” to our ego more often and begin listening to that small still voice of our heart. One way to quiet our mind and ego is to practice meditation.

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