Do Your Days Lack Purpose, Meaning, and Value?

Wake up, rush to get ready, eat breakfast (if you’re lucky), rush to work, come home, eat dinner, watch a little tv, go to bed.  Does this sound familiar?  Did your day go by in a blur?  Maybe it was not so rushed, but was it a day that lacked purpose, meaning, or value?

What if you knew you only had a few months to live?  Or, what if you found out your partner only had a few months?  How would your days change?  How would your priorities change?  Would you appreciate your life more–your relationships, your surroundings, your experiences?

All too often we fall back on our routines–it’s like moving through an unconscious fog.  We go about our days without creating value.  We take life for granted

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival. ~Aristotle

Starting in this moment–Now–how can you create more value and more meaning for yourself and the others around you?

How can you leave the world a better place–even if it’s just your little corner of the world?

“Love is an energy which exists of itself.  It is its own value.”  ~Thornton Wilder

Here are some ideas to help you create more value in your life:

  1. Start living on purpose.  Figure out your values and your purpose in life and guide your life by those.
  2. Have fun.  Be playful.  Connect with the inner child in you–the one that finds life so amusing.
  3. Self-care isn’t selfish.  Take care of yourself–body, mind, and spirit.  Don’t forget to value yourself–because you’re worth it, too.
  4. Focus on slowing down–at least one day a week, or even an hour.  Use that time for being creative.
  5. Do something kind for others.  You’ll be helping to create value in their lives, and by proxy, yours too.
  6. If you haven’t tried a life coach, try it out.  They help you get on track with living your best life.
  7. Live with intention.  The new thing to do instead of New Year’s resolutions is to come up with an intention for the year.  Try “love,” “harmony,” “positivity,” “service,” “playfulness,” or “abundance.”  How would your day-to-day existence change if you lived from one of your chosen intentions?
  8. Start and end your day with gratitude.  Think of things you are grateful for.
  9. Practice saying/writing affirmations.  Choose one affirmation a day and say it aloud and write it down several times a day.
  10. My days didn’t really start to be meaningful until I went through intensive therapy for my childhood crap and divorce.  It’s hard protecting a wound that won’t heal.  If you’ve dealt with a lot of issues in the past and haven’t tried therapy, AND if you’re ready to work hard–it’s well worth the time and money.
  11. Don’t take your relationships for granted–especially your partner.  Talk about what their important needs are, what makes them feel special and loved, and do some of them.  Also, protect your relationships from negativity.  Negativity is a relationship-killer.

How do you create value in your life?

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